Tuesday, December 2, 2008

GRAND CENTRAL KALEIDOSCOPE LIGHT SHOW: Seeing Grand Central Terminal in a Whole New Light

The always mesmerizing GRAND CENTRAL KALEIDOSCOPE LIGHT SHOW began yesterday at the Main Concourse of the GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL. The visual feast is a creation of world-renowned light projection artists from ARTLUMIERE, a firm that specializes in fusing art and state-of the-art lighting technology. Beautiful, large scale light images in stunning color and design are projected against the famous sky ceiling, walls and pillars of the iconic train terminal. There are 20 shows daily, each lasting 7 minutes (shows run from 11am-9pm, every half hour). Presented this year by SHARP, the show runs through New Year's Day. It is of course free to the public. I made these images last night.

ARTLUMIERE was created by LUCETTE DE RUGY, a French executive producer who now lives in New York City.

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