Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sherry Aliberti's "Cocoon", A Ritual In Honor Of The Sunset For Art In Odd Places Festival 2011

Last Saturday, a performance art called "Cocoon" was presented along 14th Street in Lower Manhattan. Part of this year's "Art In Odd Places" festival, this is a ritual in honor of the sunset. Traveling from the east side of Avenue C towards the Hudson River Park on the west side, the three Cocoons journeyed across the island to gather at the Sunset. The performance will be repeated on October 9. The Procession will start at 12 PM and the Liturgy will be at 5:30-8 PM. The Liturgy will take place at 14th Street and Avenue C. The Procession will begin at the Hudson River Park. The public is encouraged to interact with the performers.

Sherry Aliberti’s background in architecture and yoga inspires her to study the body as a structure. Influenced by Martha Graham and others, a fabric enclosure abstracts the figural form and provides freedom for the performer to become a morphing entity, expressing large gestures and movements for their own personal experience. (from AiOP website)

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