Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ChikaLicious Dessert Bar

Poached pear
Petits Fours
Chika, chef/owner
ChikaLicious is an intimate 20-seat dessert bar located on the Lower Eastside of Manhattan that serves fabulous American desserts with French presentation and Japanese tasting portions. The dessert bar is intimate and is built around an open kitchen where Chika Tillman, the chef/owner, and Don Tillman, the sommelier/owner/general manager work and serve customers directly. Customers seated around the kitchen can watch the preparation and plating of the desserts. Dessert choices, which can be paired with wine, change daily. Japan born Chika obtained her culinary education from the French Culinary Institute. ChikaLicious is very popular and maintains a walk-in policy. It is located at 203 East 10th Street between First and Second Avenues. For hours, menu and more information, check out their website.

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Brodsky Organization said...

Next time we're on the lower East Side we'll have to check out ChikaLicious! We just wish that the portions were a little bit larger! I guess we'll just have to order more!