Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Evening With Françoise Gilot - Vernissage, Gilot-Rozsda-Capa Exhibition At The Hungarian Cultural Center

Invitation with artwork by Francoise Gilot
Last Tuesday evening, the Consul General of Hungary hosted an opening reception for the new exhibition called "The Joy of the Memory" featuring the works of renowned French painter Françoise Gilot, her teacher Endre Rozsda and Hungarian born photographer Robert Capa at the Hungarian Consulate Generale in midtown Manhattan. The Hungarian Cultural Center co-sponsors this unique exhibition showcasing the three artists at work and at home. The event was organized by the Hungarian Consulate General. The exhibition is a journey to the artistic melting pot that was mid-20th century France and where Hungarian artists contributed significantly to the vibrant cultural atmosphere. Guest of honor was none other than Françoise Gilot, Pablo Picasso's former lover. Picasso, who died in 1973 at age 91, had several wives and companions, but unlike the others, Gilot flourished after breaking with him. In 1970, she married Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of a polio vaccine and later an AIDS researcher, and remained with him until his death seven years ago. Forever young and forever lovely, Françoise Gilot lives in New York City and Paris. Her paintings continue to be shown in museums and galleries around the world. The exhibition runs through November 4. The Hungarian Consulate Generale is located at 227 East 52nd Street.

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