Friday, October 14, 2011

Push Pops "Rainbagladybow" for Art in Odd Places Festival 2011

Rainbagladybow is a performance pilgrimage from the East River to the Hudson for Art in Odd Places Festival 2011: RITUAL. These images were made i one of their performance last weekend. The performance art is a three-tiered woman chorus exploring the necessity of magic, whimsy and ritual under the word salad banners of the trash adorned urban spiritual elite. Carrying East River Holy Water they will dump ceremoniously in the Hudson, The Push Pops will travel along Manhattan’s 14th st. a bustling place of commerce burying a historical canal once a rich source of natural resources. Navigating glitter trash and the porous boundaries of the commercial and chaste, secular and religious, the intelligible an unintelligible, the Push Pops dawn ribbons, coconut water bottles and otherwise odd baubles like precious totems. Part streetside shrine, gypsy caravan and consumer spectacle…Rainbagladybowstakes a proud claim in the power of ethereal sludge.
Information from the Go! Push Pops website.

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