Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Made For All"

Uniqlo at Fifth Avenue
MADE FOR ALL (to see). Months before the opening of 2 additional Manhattan locations, Uniqlo ads appeared everywhere in the city. Above are some ads at the Grand Central Terminal subway station for the 4, 5, and 6 lines.
UNIQLO is a new-style Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer firm making good casual clothes. It has flagship stores in the SoHo fashion district (546 Broadway) which opened in 2006, and the newly opened locations on Fifth Avenue (at 53rd Street) and at 34th Street near Herald Square. UNIQLO's tagline is “MADE FOR ALL” to convey the company’s global brand philosophy. The phrase encapsulates both UNIQLO’s core ideals and hopes for the future. UNIQLO strives to provide clothing for everyone, transcending the divisions that separate people, such as nationality, age, occupation and gender.

Charlize Theron and Orlando Bloom have been signed to communicate the “MADE FOR ALL” philosophy to people throughout the world. "It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, Uniqlo makes clothes that transcend all categories and social groups. Our clothes are made for all, going beyond age, gender, occupation, ethnicity and all the other ways that define people. Our clothes are simple and essential yet universal, so people can freely combine them with their own unique styles, in any way they choose, every day of the year. Everything we do is rooted deeply in Japanese origin, always aspiring to excellence in quality, design and technology. However, we will always ensure that our clothes are affordable and accessible to everyone. Uniqlo is a way of thinking that’s about constant change, diversity, and challenging conventional wisdom. At UNIQLO, we believe that everyone can benefit from simple, well-designed clothes. Because if all people can look and feel better every day, then maybe the world can be a little better too. Made For All."

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