Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Pilgrimage" by Laurie Lebreton for Art in Odd Places Festival 2011

Laurie Lebreton's "Piligrimage" was on display at the window of 14th Street Framing Gallery located at 225 W 14th Street for the recently concluded Art in Odd Places Festival 2011. The exhibit consisted of about 300 figures 14” to 30” tall. She created the images with simple wire armatures that she covered with wet handmade paper. As the paper dried and shrank, the figures changed shape slightly. She ornamented them in various ways. No two figures are alike. They’re kind of generic spiritual figures that viewers interpret in many different ways. They can be viewed as spirits, ancestors, or as a depiction of community. The work was inspired by her visit to Laos on two pilgrimages.

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