Monday, October 10, 2011

"Human Rites", an Interruptive Spectacle by Edith Raw for Art in Odd Places Festival 2011

Art in Odd Places takes on RITUAL as theme this year. The festival features a wide variety of actions, participatory performances, theatrical presentations, public installations, and small and large-scale interventions all of which revolve around the concept of ritual. One of the participants this year is Edith Raw who  intends to stir up the energy of the snake: eroticism, death and rebirth, transformation and recreation of self in service of community, based on the Guaguanco spiritual and rhythmic tradition of Afro-Cuban culture. Captured in the images above were part of her performance yesterday along 14th Street. Interruption is essential to the task of being an artist in this era since society is routinely distracted and informed by pop culture. Raw's performance serves to remind us of our mortality, humanity and the universal law that links us.

The artist is orginally from Chicago. Her visual art, writing and performance have been seen in Chicago, New York City and Albuquerque. 

Information from the Art in Odd Places website.

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