Monday, May 30, 2011

Travel Channel's "Sand Masters" Honor The US Military With A 60-Ton Sand Sculpture For 2011 Fleet Week

In honor of the Naval Aviation's centennial, professional sand sculptors, Rusty Croft, Kirk Rademaker, Sue McGrew, Andy Gertler, Matt Long, and Morgan Rudluff created a work of art from 60 tons of sand mixed with water in the "military island" section of Times Square. Members of the U.S. military assisted loading the sand into Times Square – or "pound up" as it's called in the industry. The sand is shoveled into wooden boxes and pounded down with hand tampers. When the sand is hard, the boxes are removed and the sculpting begins. The event will be part of the new Travel Channel television series called "Sand Masters". I made these images last Saturday and yesterday. This is one of the many events in the city celebrating Fleet Week and observing Memorial Day.

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Mo said...

Great shots as usual Noel!