Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ryoji Ikeda's Large-Scale Audio/Visual Art Installation, "the transfinite" Opens At The Park Avenue Armory

video from heyheyny
Yesterday, the Park Avenue Armory opened a large-scale audio/video installation by sound and visual artist, Ryoji Ikeda called “the transfinite” a name inspired by the mathematical concept of transfinite numbers, which are larger than finite numbers, yet quantitative and ordered. A double-sided black and white video, which sometimes plunges unto total darkness, invites viewers to walk take off their shoes and walk into the art. Some visitors even lie down or dance on the art. The installation runs through June 11. The Park Avenue Armory is the perfect venue for this monumental art installation. It is located at 643 Park Avenue, between 66th and 67th Streets.

“To me, the purest beauty is the world of mathematics. Its perfect assemblage of numbers, magnitudes and forms persist, independent of us. The aesthetic experience of the sublime in mathematics is awe-inspiring. It is similar to the experience we have when we confront the vast magnitude of the universe, which always leaves us open-mouthed.” - Ryoji Ikeda

Mr. Ikeda lives and works in Paris, and has shown widely in Europe and Japan. This is his first major installation in the U.S.

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