Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jaume Plensa's ECHO: A New Face Of Serenity And Reflection At Madison Square Park

A new 44-foot-tall sculpture created by Jaume Plensa, a world-renowned artist has been installed at Madison Square Park. Plensa created the white, gel-coated fiberglass artwork as a monument to everyday people. The sculpture depicts the face of a 9-year-old girl. The work was heavily influenced by the mythical Greek nymph Echo, for which it is named. According to Greek mythology, Echo distracted Zeus' wife, Hera, with long and entertaining tales while Zeus cavorted with other sprites. When Hera found out, she punished Echo by taking away her voice, except for an ability to echo, or reflect, others’ words. The tale lends insight into the meaning behind Plensa's artwork. In this sculpture, Plensa “aims to introduce a quietness to the park, allowing viewers a moment of serenity and reflection in the heart of the city that never sleeps.” 

Echo officially opens on May 5, and the sculpture will remain in Madison Square Park until mid-August. The photos above were taken last Sunday. It is the largest monolithic art exhibition in the seven-year history of the park's Mad. Sq. Art public art program. Echo’s presence throughout the summer is supposed to remind New Yorkers to take a break, reflect and contemplate in the city that never sleeps. (information from the epoch times)

Jaume Plensa, born and based in Barcelona, is one of the world’s leading contemporary sculptors. Working in a wide variety of materials, Plensa has invigorated the practice of figurative sculpture with works that examine the intersection of the human form, language and communication and global citizenship.

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