Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge and the East River

This is the view of the Ed Koch  Queensborough Bridge, also known as the 59th Street Bridge from Manhattan near Rockefeller University. The Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge is a cantilever bridge over the East River in New York City that was completed in 1909. It connects the neighborhood of Long Island City in the borough of Queens with Manhattan, passing over Roosevelt Island. It carries New York State Route 25 and once carried NY 24 and NY 25A as well.

The Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge is the westernmost of the four East River spans that carry a route number: NY 25 terminates at the west (Manhattan) side of the bridge. It is commonly called the "59th Street Bridge" because its Manhattan end is located between 59th Street and 60th Streets.

The Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge is flanked directly on its northern side by the freestanding Roosevelt Island Tramway.

In December 2010, the city announced that the bridge would be named in honor of former Mayor Ed Koch.

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Simon and Garfunkel wrote a song about 59th street bridge