Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 Asian American International Film Festival Kicks Off With "Amigo"

Director John Sayles at the Clearview Cinema in Chelsea after the Opening Night presentation of "Amigo"
Filipino lead actor Joel Torre (right) poses with a fan
Q & A with Director John Sayles, actor Joel Torre and the producer after the film presentation of "Amigo"
Last night, the 34th Asian American International Film Festival opened with the screening of the film called "AMIGO" at Clearview Cinemas in Chelsea. Caught in the murderous cross-fire of the Philippine-American war in 1900, mayor Rafael (played by Joel Torre) falls under pressure to collaborate when American troops garrison his village. Meanwhile, his brother Simon (Ronnie Lazaro), head of the local guerillas, regards collaboration as treason, The fate of the nation unfolds in this compelling portrait of the turbulent times. The movie is directed by independent film maker JOHN SAYLES. 

This year's festival also features a Lesbian, Gay, Bisxeual, Transgender and Queer (L.G.B.T.Q.) cinema night for the first time in the festival's 34 year history. The movies called "Tales of the Waria," a documentary about a unique Indonesian community of men who live openly as women and "When Hainan Meets Teochwu," an atypical romance between a "manly" woman and a "womanly" man will be featured.

For a complete listing of the movies participating in this festival, click on the AAIFF website. The festival continues through August 20 and takes palce at several locations including Clearview Cinema and the Museum of Chinese in America.

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Just a small correction. The Festival is known as AAIFF, not AIFF.