Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Peacock Paparazzi

Fifth Avenue apartment building where the peacock perched on a window sill for hours
The peacock which had escaped from its home at the Central Park Zoo became famous overnight and has been featured in the local news. The peacock wandered from the zoo and made its way to a Fifth avenue apartment building and perched on a fifth floor window sill. Early this morning at sunrise, the bird returned to Central Park Zoo on its own. Side by side with news photographers, I made these blurred images this morning shortly after the bird returned to its home. The notorious peacock had  two dueling Twitter accounts as an escapee - @BirdOnTheTown and @CentralParkPeacock—who joked that he had to come back to the zoo because rentwas too damn high on the Upper East Side. The colorful bird had more than 340 followers on its @CentralPeacock Twitter feed.  

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