Saturday, August 20, 2011

Meeting Bowls: Urban Furniture in Times Square

Video showing a meeting bowl in gentle rocking motion
Meeting Bowls are temporary and playful urban furniture recently installed in Times Square at Broadway and 46th Street. The public furniture is designed for meeting and getting to know people, group discussions and friendly dialogue between strangers in a close yet pleasant space in the "crossroads of the world." Looking more like baskets, the fixtures are part of a month long outdoor art experiment on urban furniture. Each of the three Meeting Bowls are made from CNC cut fiber board. Spanish artists designed and constructed a prototype in Spain and sent the digital drawings to a fabricator in New Jersey who produced the final pieces. Each bowl seats up to 8 persons. The installation is a creation of mmmm..., a collaboration of Alberto Alarcon, Emilio Alarcon, Ciro Marquez and Eva Salmeron from Madrid, Spain. The public art project continues through September 16.

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