Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Is In The Air - 2010 MACY'S FLOWER SHOW (New York's Herald Square)

Window display (clouds made of white carnation)
Window display
Window display
Bouquet of the Day
Chloe display
The 2010 Macy's Flower Show goes on display beginning today at the flagship store at Herald Square through April 11. The department store is transformed into a wonderland of beautiful gardens. This year's show features different garden environments including palm and topiary gardens and over 30,000 varieties of exotic trees and flowering plants. This year's Flower Show has a new centerpiece -- a magnificent hot air balloon that reaches two stories high and features a gondola filled with spectacular flowers and greenery; it serves as a gateway to the indoor floral fantasyland near the Broadway Street entrance. Thousands of flowers, trees, shrubs and plants grace the gardens at this year's Flower Show. While oversized butterflies and dragonflies buzz-about and nearly 200 kites fly high above visitors in an arrangement of six archways along the main aisle. 
"Each year, Macy's signals the optimism and renewal that is the promise of a new season with its Spring Flower Show -- an epic event that transforms the store with a vast, rolling landscape of breathtaking color," says Robin Hall, Macy's executive producer of the annual event. "Macy's Flower Show is a massive undertaking involving a year of planning and preparation, and an army of talented people who lovingly gather, transport and plant thousands of brilliant plants and exotic trees to bring the spring season into full flower." The show also features local artists from the city's top floral design houses will showcase their individual artistry when each creates a one-of-a-kind floral-themed masterpiece known as "Bouquet of the Day."

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