Saturday, March 20, 2010

Eyewear Restrospective Exhibition at Grand Central Teminal's Vanderbilt Hall

Flower sunglasses, metal, 1960s
Left: Glasses formerly owned by SIR ELTON JOHN, metal, 1970-1980; Right Pink glasses formerly owned by WALLIS SIMPSON, 1970s

A dynamic retrospective eyewear exhibition opened yesterday at Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall. The exhibit is entitled "Eyewear From the Beginning to the Future: The History of Eyeglasses from their Invention in Italy to the Latest Trends." The exhibit showcases the fascinating history of eyewear and highlights the quality, craftsmanship and innovative design of Italian-made products. It covers the evolution of eyeglasses from their Italian origins in the 13th century to the contemporary trends of 2010 Spring/Summer fashion season as defined by some Italian companies. The installation refashions the traditional glass display case, acting as a "metaphor for both modern eyewear and the subways, roads, paths and histories that fracture, connect and reveal the spaces we inhabit." The exhibit, which runs through March 24, is presented by the Italian Trade Commission and Italian Optical Goods Manufacturer's Association. 

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Lawrence Antaran said...

Love the metal flower sunglasses. :)