Monday, July 1, 2013

The Ramble - A Jungle In The Middle Of Manhattan

The Ramble is located in the middle of Central Park at the level of 74th to 79th Streets. It's about 36 acres of forest and vegetation, initially designed as to let nature do the rest. It is bounded by the lake on the south, and the wild-life corridor and Belvedere Castle on its north. During the summer, the lush vegetation and the hundreds of species of birds in the Ramble make visitors feel as though they are not in the middle of Manhattan. It is also a popular bird-watching site in the city. In the book Birding Basics, renowned author and artist David Sibley writes, "Migrating birds that find themselves anywhere in the vicinity of Manhattan, gravitate toward Central Park, the largest patch of natural habitat in the area". Shown in the photos are some of the features of the Ramble including the Arch, the Rustic Shelter and the Oak Bridge.


Alice said...

Olmsted did an amazing design that stands the test of time. It ages like wine.
It's amazing how many spectacular Parks he designed.

Your pictures, are pretty amazing, as always, too!

Noel Y. C. said...

The park is really amazing in any season. Thanks, Alice.