Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Ansonia

The Ansonia is a grand condominium with a commanding presence on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It is located at 2109 Broadway, between 73rd and 74th Streets. It was originally built as a luxury Beaux Arts hotel by William Earle Dodge Stokes 1n 1904. Inspired by French hotels, it was named after Stokes' grandfather, the industrialist, Anson Greene Phelps. The building was converted into a condominium in 1992 with 430 units. The image was made from the 72nd Street subway station on Broadway.

Despite the proliferation of ornamentation, the effect of the whole is one of lightness, grace and elegance. The tiers of windows, recessed courts and rounded towers establish a sense of the vertical, while a series of balconies emphasize the horizontal. The extensive ornamentation and lacy ironwork combined with the smooth panels of the brick work creates a dramatically elegant surface. The Ansonia was constructed with heavy, all masonry fireproof materials with heavy interior partitions to separate the individual apartments, thus making them virtually soundproof as well.


Anonymous said...

I clicked on photo to get a closer look Noel - amazing detail - magnificent building! JanUK

sonia a. mascaro said...

Just stunning building!