Sunday, February 24, 2013

The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) Times Square Studios

Tonight, the 2013 Academy Awards (also known as The Oscars) is being broadcast on ABC-TV stations around the country. One of ABC's studios in Manhattan is located in Times Square. These studios have a distinct facade with nine curvilinear horizontal LCD video strips that undulate around the building. The TV screens display current news and ABC TV previews including the Academy Awards tonight. The 2013 Academy Awards will be hosted by a first-time host, Seth MacFarlane. ABC is part of the Walt Disney Company. According to published reports, advertisers are paying ABC the highest prices since 2008 for commercials during the network’s coverage of the Academy Awards tonight.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the Oscars shown over here in the UK Noel - hoping Les Mis will pick up at least one! JanUK

Noel Y. C. said...

Anne Hathaway will surely win tonight, so Les Miz will get at least one Oscar.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Anne Hathaway - you did it girl! Jan UK