Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sol LeWitt:Structures, 1965-2006 Exhibition At the New York City Hall Park

Splotch 15, 2005
Incomplete Open Cubes, 1974
Three-Part Different Variations On Three Different Kinds of Cubes, 1967/74
Large Modular Cube, 1969
Complex Form 6, 1987
Three X Four X Three, 1984
Double Modular Cube, 1979
Pyramid (Munster), 1987
Tower (Columbus), 1990
One X Two Half Off, 1991
Sculptures created by artist Sol LeWitt are on exhibit at City Hall Park in downtown Manhattan through December 2, 2011. Most of the artworks in this Public Arts Fund project are shown above. 

Sol LeWitt:Structures, 1965-2006, the first outdoor career survey of Sol LeWitt’s sculptures—or “structures” as he called his three-dimensional works. The landmark exhibition will include 27 works from this seminal artist’s modular, serial, geometric, and irregular structures series that attest to his lifelong engagement with the medium and present his most important ideas about sculpture.

Just a few years after his death in 2007, Sol LeWitt remains one of our most significant and radical artists. He first found his artistic voice in his structures of the mid 1960s, giving rise to a career that would change the way we think about art. Spanning more than 40 years, this exhibition traces that evolution, revealing his remarkable and sustained artistic development.

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