Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pink Pop-Up Piano Decorated by ISAAC MIZRAHI At Greeley Square

Hello Miss Piano is the name of one of 88 pop-up pianos on New York City's streets, parks and boardwalks as part of the 2011 Sing for Hope Pop-Up Piano Project. The pianos were donated to the organization, properly tuned, and fixed, and then handed over to volunteer visual artists who dressed them up in artistic styles. From real fabrics like knitted yarns to painted patterns of plaids and denim to cheerful backgrounds embellished with studs and glitter, it was evident that each artist decorated the piano in his or her own unique fashion. The piano above was designed by ISAAC MIZRAHI who created the sparkly pink "Hello Miss Piano" now installed at Greeley Square. After the project ends on July 2, the pianos will be donated to local schools, hospitals and community organizations. Impromptu performances on the pianos will be given by members of the Volunteer Artist Roster - maybe a Broadway star, local songwriter, or a ballerina. The pop-up pianos are spread all over the five boroughs for everyone to play.

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