Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Rainbow City" Below The End Of High Line Phase 2 At 30th Street

It's called "Rainbow City", the happy, colorful, interactive and environmental installation below the end of Phase 2 of the High Line. It features oversized brightly color sculptures that look like something out of Mario Brothers or Rainbow Brite. FriendsWithYou wants visitors to interact with the different pieces, putting the experience of the wonderland in your own hands — basically, they want us all to feel like kids again! The installation of colored inflatable structures were created by the world-renowned Miami art duo Friendswithyou, aka Samuel Borksons and Arturo Sandoval III and is being presented by AOL. To complement the installation, there is a Rainbow City Pop-Up Shop called BOXER, created by HOLLWICH KUSHNER (HWKN). The shop is a simple red and white striped 8′x8′x6′ box that cracks open in the middle like a music box to provide access to the products inside. “In our design we turned off our sculptural design brain, and focused on a form that is iconic, yet simple, showing off — actually empowering — the products that are being sold,” said Matthias Hollwich, Co-founder and Partner of HWKN. The pop-up shop is an example of HWKN’s “optimistic architecture,” the idea that everything architects do has the potential to enrich our society.

The 40-piece interactive installation occupies a 16,000-square-foot lot under the 30th Street High Line entrance. Rainbow City will be open only through July 5, 2011.

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