Thursday, September 13, 2007


Here is a view of the APPLE STORE FIFTH AVENUE’s staircase leading from the street. I took this photo when I attended a workshop at the store. Both the Fifth Avenue and SOHO stores offer free workshops on getting started with the Apple computers, and use of the iPhone, iTunes, iPhoto, etc.

There are 538 sheets of glass in the Apple Store Fifth Avenue structure, supported by hundreds of metal bolts. A custom-made cylindrical elevator occupies the center of the space. The glass cube lets in natural light throughout the store. The massive interior is dominated in the middle by Mac and iPod displays and flanked by registers on one side and forty-five feet of Genius Bar. The store employs 300 “amazingly-well trained people” culled from more than 5000 applicants. The Genius Bar (including the Studio section and the iPod section) employs 96 full-time people. Unlike the SOHO store, there is no theater, the center point for training and educational program.

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