Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zombies Go Political For ZOMBIECON NYC 2010

Zombies can't spell
Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty want you and your brain!
Andy Warhol Pop Art still very much alive.
Taxed to death but still smiling
Bill Clinton fan?
Invasion of Time Warner Center
video from groovehoops
Zombie Protest and Brainless Politics. This is the theme of this year's ZOMBIECON, New York City's largest zombie crawl yesterday. ZOMBIECON NYC is a loosely organized group of bloodthirsty zombies. They gather once a year to attack NYC in a theatrical, absurdist parody of blind consumerism and brainless politics. This year the group first assembled at Kennedy's restaurant at west 57th Street, then invaded the Time Warner Center. The zombies then proceeded to midtown Manhattan to 46th Street and Broadway, then Rockefeller Center and downtown Manhattan, stopping frequently for brains and beers.

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