Friday, October 1, 2010

Art In Odd Places 2010 Chance: PUMP 14, The BroLab Collective Performance Art

ART IN ODD PLACES, an annual public arts festival along 14th Street kicks off today. Thirty artists created work based on this years theme chance encompassing luck, randomness, risk and more. Expect site-specific installations, video and audio projects, performances and other exhibits, all with the same goal of changing how the public views art and how it interacts with city living.

One of the participating performance art is called PUMP 14 by the BroLab Collective. Earlier this evening, I chanced upon two of the performers who used self-constructed yokes and pails to transport water from the Hudson River to the East River by foot. This performance art ultimately "sheds light on the city's vital waterways capped by 14th Street." Performances will be repeated on October 3, Sunday (3-6 PM), October 5, Tuesday (3-6 PM), October 7, Thursday (3-6 PM), and October 8-9, Friday-Saturday (3 PM-3PM, 24-hour performance). All performances will be along the 2.5 mile stretch of 14th Street from the East River to the Hudson River  and back.

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