Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Abstract Expressionist New York At The Museum of Modern Art: MARK ROTHKO's No.1 (Untitled)

Video from the MoMA Multimedia
Currently on exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art is MoMA's largest and most comprehensive presentation of Abstract Expressionist art. Included in the exhibit is the beautiful work of American painter MARK ROTHKO (born Latvia, 1903-1970) called "No. 1 (Untitled)" 1948, oil on canvas. 
MoMA Exhibit caption:
Eliminating the figures and organic imagery that dominate earlier paintings in the late 1940s, Rothko began to focus on the relationship between space, color and scale in paintings that later became known as Multiforms. In this work, Rothko applied thin washes of paint to canvas to create a multitude of irregular forms that ebb and flow across the picture plane. Its large size and abstract style point toward the artist's signature Color Field paintings, which he began a year after completing this work.

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