Friday, October 15, 2010

New York Police Department's 10-Foot Cops (NYPD Mounted Unit) On Fifth Avenue

These are three of the New York Police Department's 10-foot cops (NYPD Mounted Unit) during a ceremonial trot down Fifth Avenue for a recent parade. These cops on horses also patrol high-crime neighborhoods, make late-night shows of force through Times Square and take the lead during search-and-rescue missions. In recent years, the mounted patrols play a larger role in battling crime in NYC. “There’s a reason we call them the 10-foot cop,” Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said, “You can see them from blocks away, they’re great at crowd control and they’re probably the most photographed piece of equipment we have. I’m a huge fan.”

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markfong said...

Excellent picture of New York's finest and handsome 10-Foot Cops on during New York's fine parades. Great to see police officers smiling and waving to the public. This photo would make a great public relations advertisement. Thank you for posting. Cheers!