Friday, June 1, 2012

Victorian Gardens - the Amusement Park in Central Park

Victorian Gardens, Central Park's small but well-designed amusement park is now open for the summer season, occupying the Wollman ice skating rink. The park hosts 12 rides, including the Aeromax, which allows both children and adults to fly in pint-sized airplanes; the Kite Flyer, which imitates hang gliding; the Convoy, which is an auto-style train ride; the Red Baron, which allows riders to pilot imitation antique airplanes; Mini Mouse, a roller coaster for young children (though parents are welcome); the Jump Around, a bouncy ride especially appealing to children; and Samba Balloon, which allows children to pilot their own hot air balloons. Another popular ride is the Fun Slide, a three-story-tall slide; Family Swinger, a classic swing ride; Rockin’ Tug, a traditional carnival swinging boat ride; and the Hydro Racer, a fast-paced water ride. In Whac A Mole, players can compete to hit the most moles with their mallets. There is also Rising Water, a water gun game. More information available at the Victorian Gardens website.


Mrs White said...

Wow! Those photos were absolutely awesome....thanks for sharing.
I've been to NYC on a few occasions but don't think i've ever really got to experience the city. I will definitely have to get back there.

Thanks again

Mrs White

Anna said...

I like the photos very much