Monday, September 6, 2010

Unicycle Festival On Governor's Island

The main event of the three-day NYC Unicycle Festival took place on Governors Island on September 4.  From noon to 5 pm people were able to enjoy rolling on one wheel in an automobile-free area, attempt unicycling for the first time, participate in games of unicycle basketball and hockey, and witness some of the most daring feats imagined by legends in the mono cycle world. New York City is already home to the New York Unicycle Club (biweekly meetings at Grant's Tomb), the King Charles Troupe (the most famous unicycle troupe in the world), and most recently, the NYC Unicycle Bridge Tour.  The growing popularity of this quirky pastime, combined with the city's initiatives to encourage cycling, make this a timely opportunity for a celebration of the unicycle.  (source:

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