Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Busker in Green, "The Ego and the Id"

Last Sunday, we spotted a busker in green, sitting on one of the "stools" of the public art display called "The Ego And The Id" by internationally acclaimed artist FRANZ WEST.  Donning an all green sparkly suit, green hat, sunglasses and gloves, oversized gold bow tie, gold shoes and cane, (with green donation box), the busker looked like he's part of the colorful artwork, the newest and largest aluminum sculpture of West to date. The sculpture is about 20 feet high, consisting of two similar but distinct, brightly colored, looping abstract forms, one bubble gum pink and the other alternating blocks of blue, green, orange, and yellow. Each of the forms curve up at the bottom creating stools that invite passersby to stop, take a seat, and directly engage with the artwork. The sculpture is located at the Doris Freedman Plaza near the entrance to Central Park, and will be on display until August 23.

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