Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BRIAN TENORIO/EMI JORGE on FIFTH AVENUE: An Exhibition Showcasing Their Exquisite Footwear and Bag Designs at the Philippine Center New York

Celebrated Filipino designers, Emi Jorge and Brian Tenorio
Background image of Angel Aquino, photographed by Juan Caguicla 
with renderings by Christina Dy
Background image of Piolo Pascual
photographed by Juan Caguicla with renderings by Christina Dy
Emi Jorge's designer bags
Brian Tenorio's designer shoes

Images of Piolo Pascual and Angel Aquino as backdrop 
Photography by Juan Caguicla with renderings by Christina Dy
The Philippine Center is currently hosting the BRIAN TENORIO and EMI JORGE's design exhibition, dubbed "Tenorio/Jorge on Fifth Avenue" which runs from April 29 through May 22. The exhibition features 14 gorgeous Philippine-made purses by accessories designer Emi Jorge and 14 exquisite shoe styles by footwear designer Brian Tenorio. 

A graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University and the Asian Institute of Management, Filipino-American Brian Tenorio is currently with the Design Management Program of Pratt Institute in New York, researching on National Design Policy formation frameworks for developing countries. His designs have been featured in art exhibitions in New York and in Manila. His extraordinary ability to merge his artistry with business savvy earned him several awards as a print and graphic designer and as an entrepreneur. He possesses a strong background in corporate communications, publishing and communications design. The multi-disciplinary artist is now based in New York City. 

Emi Jorge obtained a degree in Shoe Technology and Design from the Clothing and Footwear Institute of London. Ms. Jorge's work has been featured in several exhibitions. She fashions wearable art out of wood, stone, metal and shell. Her beautiful designs are modern, and they reflect the duality of her creative mind - disciplined, yet organic. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with preeminent fashion designers, and has been commissioned by Swarovski Crystal to create pieces for the Crystallized Cosmos Exhibition in Hong Kong. She recently launched "Emi Jorge," her eponymous brand.

The Philippine Center is located at 556 Fifth Avenue. The exhibition is open from 9 AM - 5 PM (May 19-21, Wednesday through Friday), and 9 AM - 2 PM (May 22, Saturday). There will be a Gala Night on Friday, May 21 at 6 PM (by invitation only).


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