Saturday, May 5, 2012

Seen From The High Line

A painter on a fire escape platform
Empire State Building
High Line Zoo art by Betten
High Line Zoo art by Betten
"Urban theater" overlooking 10th Avenue
Meatpacking District
14th Street
Charles Mary Kubricht's "Alive-ness: Proposal for Adaptation". The artist painted disruptive patterns over surface of large storage containers, echoing the maritime camouflage technique of using contrasting stripes to make it difficult to determine which direction the ship's bow is pointing.

The High Line, Manhattan's repurposed railway offers park visitors interesting views of architecture, art installation, street scenes, skyline and the  surrounding neighborhoods, in addition to the blooming wildflowers and exposed tracks. These are some of the images made last week from the High Line, the increasingly popular elevated railway that was transformed into an aerial linear park. 


Anonymous said...

Where does it begin/end? How do you access it?

Noel Y. C. said...

Please click on this link for a map and access to the High Line.