Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Pet Sounds" - Interactive Sculpture Installation by Charles Long at Madison Square Park

Charles Long created new interactive musical sculptures with biomorphic shapes that are installed in the heart of Madison Square Park. Long calls his installation "Pet Sounds." It is comprised of six long, amorphous, Crayola Tempera-colored aluminum-and-fiberglass structures. The sculptures are  embedded with sensors that activate sonorous electronic tones when caressed. The shapes are Long's homage to the Beach Boys album of the same name and the musical genius of Brian Wilson. Long explains, "If you listen to the lyrics of "Pet Sounds" and the beautiful music of it, it's just one giant piece of love energy coming out of it. That's what I wanted for this park." Each sculpture plays a combination of atmospheric sounds, rhythms and real animal noises. The installation, which continues through September is part of Madison Square Art, a free contemporary art program presented by the Madison Square Park Conservancy.

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Steve Rugel said...

Fascinating and very cool.