Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shack Summer Netogether

New York-based Malaysian fashion designer, ZANG TOI, one of the LiveStrong donors

The SHACK SUMMER NETOGETHER is a 3-day fund-raising campaign sponsored by Radio Shack benefitting LIVESTRONG, the Lance Armstrong Foundation's signature fundraising campaign. Yesterday was the last day of the event. The Shack Summer Netogether connected New York and San Francisco via larger-than-life laptops in Times Square and at Justin Herman Plaza. The laptops streamed live webcam images to each other from 3,000 miles apart. At yesterday's event, there was bike-off between new York and San Francisco teams. There was also a breakdance exhibition, and I took some photos of the event. Netogether featured live music, celebrities and contests to demonstrate how technology can keep people connected.

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Anonymous said...

Funny - I think I see you in some of my pictures on the laptop screen. I guess we were standing next to each other!

I was googling the event and found your blog entry. :) See my pictures and a few videos of the event in my Flickr album.