Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Global Rainbow After The Storm" - Colored Lasers Illuminating NYC to Mark the First Month Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy

American artist Yvette Mattern has installed a public art project called "Global Rainbow, After the Storm" on the rooftop of The Standard hotel on the High Line in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. The rainbow laser installation is a tribute to those affected by superstorm Sandy. The lasers shine into some of the neighborhoods hardest hit by the storm, beaming for up to 35 miles into Brooklyn toward the Rockaways in Queens, from 8 PM to 2 AM through Thursday, November 29. The public art project aimed at offering hope with the symbol of the rainbow and to encourage New Yorkers to support residents still struggling to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of the storm that hit on October 29. The project wasn't built specifically for New York City. It has been displayed across Europe.  According to the artist, the rainbow-themed lights seemed to be a perfect symbol of hope and restoration after a storm: "I hope that seeing this beacon in the night sky will provide people with a sense of peace and security in this time of crisis and that it will unify us with its presence so we remember that we are all in this together," Mattern said in a press release, "regardless of divisions of class, race, religion, and culture." The photo at the bottom shows the rainbow laser lights intersecting with an unrelated light show being installed at the Meatpacking District by Belvedere vodka for World AIDS Day.

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