Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Doing More With Less - The Naked Cowboy is Running for New York City Mayor

Robert John Burck (better known as the Naked Cowboy), the most famous busker in Times Square, is running for mayor of New York City, seriously. I took these photos of the mayor wannabe, his campaigners and some of his fans in Times Square (where else) last Saturday.

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From hufingtonpost
I've basically created a global brand with just some tighty-whities and hard work, so imagine what I can do when I'm backed by all the wonderful people and resources of the greatest city on earth. My campaign is based on one simple truth -- no one's done more with less than me -- and that's the kind of thinking I'll be delivering as mayor. And I'm not going to be the kind of politician who's shuttled around in a limo all day -- I'm going to keep doing my thing, engaging with folks from all walks of life and really listening to them.
One of my main focuses is going to be small businesses, because that's my background. So much real estate is just sitting empty these days, and it hurts me to see people losing their businesses and their lifelong dreams. Here's just one of my plans to help rebuild this city and get it back on track.
No more tinkle down economics. Things don't grow from the top down, but from the bottom up. And just helping the rich leaves most people tinkled on. So no more tax breaks just because you're wealthy. I'm going to tie tax incentives to greening initiatives and other progressive plans.
A thousand interest free loans of 10,000 for small businesses and new businesses. Trust me, some dude just won a Nobel Peace prize for micro-loans -- they work.
A year-long city tax holiday for businesses with 20 employees or less. Nothing fuels growth like this (except my Naked Whey Protein Powder, available at

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The Nomadic Pinoy said...

The Naked Cowboy for mayor? I can't take this guy seriously. I'll vote for Bloomberg.