Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nostalgia Train Ride For The Holidays: 1930's Vintage Subway Trains In Service On Sundays

NYC Transit has started this year's "Nostalgia Shoppers' Special Train" service last Sunday. These photos of the 1930s vintage train were taken along the M line last Sunday. The nostalgia trains run every Sunday through December 26. Retired New York City subway cars get plucked out of the NYC Transit Museum and return to service just for the holidays, decked with wreaths and red bows, mixing in with the regular cars for the same price as a routine ride. See the MTA’s vintage fleet schedule for more details. From the MTA: "You can catch a ride on these classic R1/9 subway cars at stations along the weekday M line between Queens Plaza and 2 Avenue."


Anonymous said...

I did not know this, I am going to catch a ride.
David, NYC

Steve said...

Ooh, I hope to get a ride on one of these trains! :-)