Saturday, November 13, 2010

CANstruction 2010: Sculptures Made From Cans of Food at the World Financial Center

"Cups Can Only Spill" by Gilsanz Murray Steficek, LLP (5,180 cans)
"Comida Cubes" by GACE Consulting Engineers PC (2,6980 cans)
"philANThropy" by HOK (1,200 cans)
"The Candard Hotel, New York" by DeSimore Consulting Engineers (4,056 cans)
"The BabushCAN" by Thornton Tomasetti (3,472 cans)
"CAN Mario 1-UP Hunger?" by Severud Associates Consulting Engineers (3,600 cans)
"CAN Mario 1-UP Hunger?" (back view)
"Can'truck'tion: Delivering a Thanksgiving Meal" by RAND Engineering & Architecture (4,054 cans)
"Mr. Potato Head" by STV Inc. (4,104 cans)
"Building Blocks Against Hunger" by WSP Flack+Kurtz FXFOWLE (7,644 cans)
Canstruction is a unique design competition for teams of architecture and engineering professionals to create structures made entirely of full cans of food. The entries are now in display throughout the World Financial Center in downtown Manhattan near the World Trade Center site through November 22. Above are just some of the entries. At the end of the competition, the structures are dismantled and donated to City Harvest for distribution to families in need.  

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nycstylelittlecannoli said...

really really cute! we are doing this where I work but they do not look as good as these...very cool ! love the potato head guy!!