Monday, August 16, 2010

"Unconditional Surrender" - Remembering the End of World War II in Times Square

Unconditional Surrender, the 26 foot tall bronze sculpture created by the acclaimed artist, Seward Johnson, © 2004,2005 is on display at 44th Street and Broadway in Times Square until today. Located at the exact spot the famous kiss took place, the sculpture was inspired by the famous moment in Times Square on August l4, 1945, the day that WW II ended. The artwork memorializes the celebratory moment in US history marking the conclusion of World War II.


Anonymous said...

such beautiful poto! i'm totally love your blog. i'm actually try to move to nyc but its kind of hard cause i'm french. whatever. you blog talk about a lot of thing in nyc and when i read it i feel like i'm a part of this!!
don't quit, you did a really good job :) xoxo

Anonymous said...
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