Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Cool Water, Hot Island" - Molly Dilworth's Pedestrian Plaza Streetscape Design

Brooklyn-based artist MOLLY DILWORTH's "Cool Water, Hot Island" is the winning design for the temporary treatments of the Times Square pedestrian plazas. A few months ago, a design competition was launched by the NYC Department of Transportation in partnership with the Times Square Alliance to refresh and revive the streetscape of the pedestrian plazas while the agency moves forward with the permanent design. Ms. Dilworth's concept focuses on the urban heat-island effect, where cities tend to experience warmer temperatures than rural settings. The design’s color palette of striking blues and light hues reflects more sunlight and absorbs less heat—improving the look of these popular pedestrian plazas while making them more comfortable places to sit and relax. The colors and patterns evoke flowing water, like a river . Dilworth's design also provides a compelling visual contrast to the vibrant reds, oranges and yellows of Times Square's marquees and billboards, as well as the chairs, tables and umbrellas.

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Adam said...

Hey Noel!

Adam here from ArtWeLove.

Love these shots of Molly's Times Square installation!

If you and your readers are interested, Molly Dilworth has done an exclusive limited edition print series for ArtWeLove based on "Cool Water, Hot Island". From her original practice painting, which led to creating the waves of what is now her public art piece in Times Square, we've produced "Times Square Pour" by Molly, a limited edition archival pigment print available online starting at $25. You can check it out at

Hope you love it, too. Thanks!