Sunday, October 14, 2012

Art In Odd Places (AIOP) 2012: "I Paint You. You Paint Me" By Piero Passacantando

Part of this year's Art In Odd Places (AIOP 2012) Festival is Piero Passacantando's " I Paint You. You Paint Me." These images were taken early this afternoon at Union Square. 
Here is the description of Piero Passacantando's project from the 2012 AIOP website:
Two easels face each other. The artist is at one easel, you will be at the other. Paint, brushes, canvas, and painting uniforms will be provided. We have thirty minutes to make portraits of each other. You keep the painting the artist makes of you and the artist keeps the other. Piero Passacantando is a painter and social practitioner. Recently, he was a Fellow at the Laundromat Project in New York. In 2010, Piero received a Fulbright grant to research Thangka in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has an MFA from CCA and a BFA from the Corcoran. He lives and works in Harlem.

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Art said...

Neat project--thanks for sharing!