Friday, April 13, 2012

Yellow Tulips Enhance Rafael Barrios Sculptures on Park Avenue

Venezuelan artist Rafael Barrios' sculptures on the malls of Park Avenue now have some attention-grabbing company. The yellow tulips peeked a little early enhancing the beauty of the nine monumental sculptures. The yellow tulips are a Darwin hybrid and came from a nursery on Long Island. Barrios' sculptures appear to be three-dimensional at a distance, but are actually extremely thin, two-dimensional pieces of coated metal. As Barrios described, the sculptures are about “dislocating our perception in such a way that our mind’s eye will insist that you are seeing something that you are not.”


Austin Scott Brooks said...

I really like the yellow tulips underneath the sculptures! It really does give them a little something extra. Rafael Barrios sculptures are odd in that they are so simple, yet so complex at the same time. I find myself staring for a long while just trying to grasp their meaning. This is probably my favorite aspect of them. Thanks for posting these pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love Barrios ' work. It has beauty and depth(even tho thin).
It really turns your eye and grabs you!