Sunday, September 11, 2011

NYC Marks 10th Year Anniversary of 9/11: One Life ~ One Flag, Remembrance Field of Honor At Battery Park

Flags surround "The Sphere," a large metallic sculpture by German sculptor Fritz Koenig. The sculpture once stood in the middle of Austin J. Tobin Plaza, the area between the World Trade Center towers. It survived the attacks with only minor dents. 

Remembrance Field of Honor is a 9/11 memorial installation at Battery Park in Lower Manhattan featuring over 3000 flags representing One Flag ~ One Life. Annin Flagmakers in collaboration with the Flag of Honor Project, and the Healing Fields Foundation created the Remembrance Field of Honor on display from September 8 through 12, 2011. The display is sanctioned by the city of New York. Using approximately 3000 flags made up of the Flag of Honor, Flag of Heroes, the U. S. flag and flags representing the 94 countries that lost citizens in the attacks of 9/11, this display will demonstrate the enormity of loss with One Flag for One Life, providing the public with a moving tribute where they can reflect and remember the tragedy that occurred a decade ago. The Flag of Honor is created from the names of those who perished in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The Flag of Heroes is created from the name, rank and affiliation of the first responders lost on 9/11 including FDNY, PAPD, NYPD, EMS and court officers. Battery Park is a 25-acre (10 hectare) public park located at the Battery, the southern tip of the island of Manhattan facing the New York Harbor.

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Splendid Little Stars said...

excellent post!!
I was searching for good photos of the flags when I came across your blog. My husband's company Kaiser Aluminum made and donated the flagpoles.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!