Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Animus Arts Collective's "Flaming Cactus" Thrives Around Cooper Square

Flaming Cactus is a public art installation around Cooper Square presented by the Animus Arts Collective in collaboration with the Department of Transportation's Summer Streets and the Figment Project. The installation used 32,000 fluorescent-colored zip ties, which are usually used for bundling cables. The zip ties are fastened around lamp posts and sign poles around Cooper Square. Cooper Square is one of the most vital crossroads in lower Manhattan and one of the most confusing. It is formed by the Bowery, Astor Place, Fourth Avenue and East Eighth Street heading toward one another from different directions. The installation displays a cactuslike character to the lampposts from some close-up views, although they also look like giant colored test tube brushes. Utilizing mundane objects, the art installation creates a vibrant, engaging visual link that helps beautify and "unify" Cooper Square. 

“We as artists wanted to create something of beauty out of everyday items. We wanted to show that making art doesn’t require a lot of resources, formal education or even money. Art and creativity are things we’re all capable of.” - Animus Arts Collective

“Flaming Cactus” will remain in place at Cooper Square through June 2012. 


davidort@animusart.com said...

HI Noel, My name is David and I 'm from Animus. We LOVE the photos opn your blog and are interested in possibly using some of them for some print materials. Can we talk about that?

Unknown said...

Ni Noel, how can I get hi-rez versions of your images?