Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ABC Carpet And Home

The ABC Carpet and Home Store, a New York icon since 1897, is the largest retailer of rugs and carpets in the world. It features an eclectic assortment in a diversity of sizes, from scatter size to mansion size, world-wide styles, as well as custom rugs. Their selection includes unique antique rugs, aubussons, needlepoints, handwoven traditional rugs, modern rug graphics, captivating cowhides, and retro shag rugs. The store also offers eco-friendly natural fiber rugs, sisal, sea grass and jute.  The  six-floor flagship store retains a certain warehouse aesthetic: worn hardwood floors creak under your feet, glittering chandeliers and gigantic antique carpets adorn the high ceilings, and furniture vignettes—often more piles than displays—stand everywhere. It's like an estate sale for your packrat dowager aunt, albeit with impeccable taste. It has a satellite location across Broadway that houses three floors of carpets and rugs of every size, style and description,  including the basement level where rugs, broadloom and remnants are sold at substantially lower prices.   


Lawrence Antaran said...

Oooh... Did you get something for your place? :D

Noel Y. C. said...

No. I went there with a designer who's looking for a carpet for his client.