Sunday, April 18, 2010

FOREST - Miniature Landscape Made of Fabric

FOREST is an art exhibit at the World Financial Center Winter Garden featuring a landscape of "bonsais" created from used clothing by artists SUZANNE and MATHILDE HUSKY.  The miniature landscape "embodies the beauty and drama of nature." The viewer would be inspired to visually meander this forest, and discover peace and beauty in the fabric patterns creating textured foliage, tree branches, grass and rocks. FOREST is part of "NY's GREENEST," a collaborative effort by Battery Park City's cultural institutions to present Earth Day event and activities aimed at inspiring awareness, education and appreciation for our environment.
"This work replicates nature not only by creating an actual forest, but also in its ever cycling of materials into new life by reusing fabric, and in the uniqueness and singularity of each creation. The hand made piece is in direct opposition to the manufactured object. We choose to depict a place where biodiversity still happens, where seeds are not expected to perform like machines. Ironically, despite the wild subject, the fabrication process asserts an ephemeral and fictional control over nature similar to a formal garden. At the same time, the process of quiet, domestic activities like sewing, ultimately embody the seductive wildness of untouched land." - Suzanne and Mathilde Husky.
The exhibit runs through May 12.

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