Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Digital Clock On Water Street

This is the huge digital clock at the south end of the building at 200 Water Street photographed on February 21, 2010 at 5:26:55 PM. The 45-by-50-foot digital clock was created by artist Rudolph de Harak. While the numbers may appear to adorn the exterior of 135 John Street, the display clock actually belongs to the adjacent 200 Water Street, a 32-story building designed by the architecture firm of Emory Roth & Sons and completed in 1971. The device consists of 72 square sections, each containing a number from 00 to 59. Once lit to display the accurate time hour, minute, and second, the clock has lost time over the years but remains a Lower Manhattan landmark. In 1998, 200 Water was converted into a 576-unit residence hall and is now home to New York University undergraduates. Although NYU holds the lease on 200 Water Street, building owner Rockrose Development is responsible for maintaining the clock.


Unknown said...

i have many fond memories in that building. everytime i walk by i admire the clock. i think its no longer an NYU dorm, the lease was up and the university decided not to renew it. Its now just a regular apartment building.

triangleshirtwaist@gmail said...

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Rockrose Development said...

Great shot of the 200 Water Street clock! This is definitely one of our favorite features of the property and the neighborhood.