Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Palm Trees at the World Financial Center’s Winter Garden

New palm trees have been planted inside one of the city's most beautiful interior spaces, the public atrium in the Winter Garden of the World Financial Center. The old palm trees that were planted during the 2002 rebuilding of the Winter Garden after the September 11 terrorist attacks, had grown to 60 feet, too large to allow for further growth in the space. About a month ago, the old trees were chopped down and converted to mulch for use in gardens at local hospitals “to honor their role in the Winter Garden that made it both a place to meet and a place to rest,” according to the complex owners, Brookfield Properties. Sixteen new trees, about 35 feet tall, have been planted to replace the overgrown palms trees. They are Washingtonia robusta trees, the same type as the previous trees,” according to Brookfield.

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Saverio De Michele said...

Noel Good evening, I must say with joy that you rarely find the post so complete: beautiful photographs and exhaustive explanations.
I saw the post in October and September 2013 and I allowed myself to share some of google+.
I'm really glad to have found your blog, it was by chance but I'm really happy because even though I have visited only once NY (a city that I have loved from the start), I could revise it from another perspective, see, and I see in the future everything I could for the short time at my disposal.
Excuse the translation.