Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Faceted Glass Subway Artwork on the Elevated Tracks of the 2 Line in the Bronx

The elevated tracks of the 2 subway line showcase numerous artworks made of faceted glass panels by various artists. The top 5 photos depict the work of Tomie Arai called "Back to the Garden" at the Pelham Parkway station featuring fall foliage, spring blossoms and summer wildflowers accent and glass inserts of historical photographs from the Bronx neighborhoods. Arai chose the subject to honor these sites with a panorama of trees and plant life indigenous to New York City.

The other stunning artwork shown above is called "Animal Tracks" by Naomi Campbell, located at West Farms Sq.-East Tremont Ave.-177th St. The panels of faceted glass mosaic depict animals of the Bronx Zoo.

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Alice said...

Nice, hope no one takes it upon themselves to break them.